40416 KK Ultra D-Ring 15mm

40416 KK Ultra D-Ring 15mm

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Available in Sensogan.
(78) Sensogan Mouthpiece with Stainless Steel Rings.

125: 5 inches, 15mm Thick, 80mm Rings.
135: 5.1/4 inches, 15mm Thick, 80mm Rings. 
145: 5.3/4 inches,15mm Thick, 80mm Rings.
155: 6.1/8 inches, 15mm Thick, 80mm Rings.

The D Rings prevent the bit from being pulled through the horses mouth, so it lies more steadily on the tongue giving a more comfortable feeling. Gentle pressure is pivoted directly onto the tongue ensuring light and precise rein aids. The fixed rings enable the rider a good contact with the bit and support sideways acting rein aids.