40367 KK Ultra Eggbutt Bradoon 14mm

40367 KK Ultra Eggbutt Bradoon 14mm

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Available in Sensogan.
(78) Sensogan Mouthpiece with Stainless Steel Rings.

115: 4.1/2 inches, 14mm Thick, 55mm Rings.
125: 5 inches, 14mm Thick, 55mm Rings.
135: 5.1/4 inches, 14mm Thick, 55mm Rings. 
145: 5.3/4 inches, 14mm Thick, 55mm Rings. 
155: 6.1/8 inches, 14mm Thick, 55mm Rings.

Highly recommended for horses that require an improvement of the contact with the bit. Eggbutts are suitable for horses with sensitive mouth corners as they prevent them from being pinched. As the rings are fixed to the mouthpiece they keep the bit steady in the mouth. They also prevent the bit from being pulled through the mouth, enabling the KK Ultra mouthpiece to direct gentle pressure onto the central point of the tongue.